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Get the unbelievable taste of competition American bbq right in your own backyard! Take your good bbq and turn it into GREAT bbq! That’s what we aim to do here at Saucy Luke's Craft BBQ.

Barbecue is about friends, family, laughter and amazing food that everyone can enjoy. We hand roast our chili’s, hand smoke our kosher salt, hand bottle and hand label. Everything is made from our commercial kitchen in Phoenix. Nothing is out sourced! We make every item Gluten Free and Vegan so everyone can enjoy our products. 


So invite Saucy Luke's to your backyard bbq and let’s Get Saucy Without the Hangover!

My name is Luke Unrein. We are a family owned and operated business out of Buckeye, AZ taking local fresh ingredients and making killer Sauces and Rubs that will surely take your BBQ night to the next level.


From dishwasher to General Manager, I've worked in restaurants like Famous Dave’s, Macaroni Grill, Cheesecake Factory, Buffalo Wild Wings , The Lazy Dog, Troon golf, competed in bbq competitions and have been a backyard pit master all my life. I have found a passion for making food taste amazing and giving first class hospitality. I’ve developed different techniques from the best in the business to make sauces from scratch with fresh ingredients. 

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